Mindful Playlist

Bring your mind to the present, to a space where the ego rests and takes a back seat. Where you can rest from the worries and demands of life, from your stresses, from anxiety.

What useful help can you provide that’s valuable to your audience? To build trust, authenticity and recognition? One of the most valuable ways you can add to your marketing as organic reach declines and the platforms look for ways to push advertising costs higher per click is through video.

PROJECTVideo and audio to ease the mind
CATEGORYAudio, Video, Content
Yugen WisdomYugen Wisdom

As part of an extended content marketing strategy and programme of evergreen content, my client was happy to be the voice of her videos and audio material, using qualified, trained specialisms of NLP and hypnosis. 

Firstly, we created a range of positive videos based on creating a feeling of peace and calm. We created a permanent resource on the website using these videos which were hosted within playlists on YouTube.

We then moved on to generating audio training materials which were used as a free resource on the website, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

The videos and audio were designed to help people address negative emotional programming within the body and mind, in order the reprogram the listener to overcome barriers to success and happiness. 

My client was ahead of the Coronavirus pandemic with the timing of this content due to her long term work as a counsellor. She was addressing negative emotion, uncertainty and a need for therapeutic practice in clients who have suffered trauma, extreme stress and huge life changes.

Our longer-term content strategy has themes of inner peace and reflection within it and the initial videos mirrored these themes.  Her innate wisdom to take the problems of her clients and look to resolving them through her services of counselling, NLP, hypnotism led to us having devised content for her website ahead of the video which was launched at Christmas 2019 to help people through the winter months. 

Little did we know what was coming next.

Early on, we took the timing of the Coronavirus pandemic and adjusted and tweaked the angle to help produce content that would be beneficial to the wider audience suffering feelings of unease, fear and anxiety. One of the later videos uses one of their counselling therapies, timeline therapy, to help people to deal with anxiety and fear in their lives.

Here is how the project was run

This project and the ongoing work for this brand emerged from strategic beginnings where we defined a complete digital strategy, content strategy and carried out planning. 

The audio file was recorded by the client and I cleaned the audio, sourced video and imagery, and edited it all together as long edits for YouTube and short 55 second edits for Instagram to go in the feed. 

I also produced a still video screen graphic, bespoke graphics for the blog header, Instagram and Facebook, resized to the specific sizes. 

The final video and audio transcription were uploaded to the website blog, the wording was included for accessibility and SEO benefit with a clear call to action for more resources, or to get in touch for more help. 

As best practice, we credited free image and video resources with @mentions where we could find them. The social media posting times were optimised and hashtag research was undertaken.

Client sign-off happened at each stage of the output because the audio was recorded in one clip and so it meant that the video was neatly tied to the audio for the full version.

Distribution for these videos was through sharing the Facebook and Instagram links through warm contacts in Messenger, WhatsApp and email.