LOVES:Abstract Art
HOBBIES:Coast runs, Body Pump

Can you feel the force?

When I was looking for an identity to fit my business that reflected my mission and vision, my interests and the things I love, there was only one name that came and stuck, and 6 years on feels even more relevant than it did at the beginning.
I love being in nature, I think a lot about the world we live in and the ways I can reduce my impact and help to create a change, change in the culture and change towards a more positive vision we can work towards.
Some think I’m too idealistic and that what I want isn’t achievable, but we can’t get to a future we want without setting the ideals and the vision and so yes, my desires are lofty but that’s good as it creates objectives and plans. I see the small and medium businesses setting the trends the larger corporations are slowly (but with less agility) trying to follow and what’s important is that it resonates and is supported at the individual level. Change is happening.
So that’s a little bit of the story of where I stand, but it doesn’t come without the sparkle of the glitterball as my long time love is D-I-S-C-O ✨
This song, a dark dystopian (my favourite literature) vision of the future, from the past, that’s still relevant to the threats of the future that we now live in which haven’t gone away. A motivational factor behind my work and the change I want to help bring to help conscious businesses succeed.
 I hope you can enjoy one of my all time favourite songs with me, thanks to Cerrone

Trudie Thorp

Once upon a time
Science opened up the door
We would feed the hungry fields
Till they couldn’t eat no more

But the potion that we made
Touched the creatures down below
And they grew up in a way
That we’d never seen before

Supernature, supernature, supernature, supernature

They were angry with the man
Cause he changed their way of life
And they take their sweet revenge
As they trample through the night

For a hundred miles or more
You could hear the people cry
But there’s nothing you can do
Even god is on their side

Supernature, supernature, supernature, supernature

How can I explain
Things are different today
Darkness all around
And nobody makes a sound
Such a sad affair
No one seems to care

Supernature, supernature, supernature, supernature

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