Studio 3 Collagen Spa

Website for a new business and brand development

A high end, cutting edge beauty treatment representing technological progress, without elongated recovery or compromising ethics, is the primary service for this specialist salon. This project not only responded to the basics of the brief, but also added value by defining the visual style and written language to build the brand through its first communications.

CLIENTStudio 3 Collagen Spa
DATEMarch 2020
ROLECreative direction, copywriting, marketing consultant

Concept and response to the brief

Studio 3 Collagen Spa offer a technological treatment called Collagen Wave which uses radio frequency to target the deep collagen structures under the skin to not only improve the existing collagen, but to promote the creation of new collagen. It is completely needle and chemical free, cruelty free and can be considered to offer face lift-like benefits without needles or surgery: you might call it a non-surgical face lift.

The client came equipped with an initial logo, for help setting up a website and help to write the website copy but with no brand development in place. The logo was hinting at an Art Deco theme.

From my fine art degree I knew that Art Deco and the 1920s had a strong inspiration from nature and beauty. Wellness, youth and vitality were hot points of fashionable interest. During its heyday, Art Deco represented luxury, glamour, exuberance, and faith in social and technological progress.

Bright colours and natural forms were brought into the design that were inspired by the artists of the time, Sonja Delaunay, Matisse and geometrical elements from the Cubist work of Cezanne.

1920s beauty trends that stated 1020s women sought out technological advancements to aid beauty.

‘Radiation-based beauty products were all the rage during the turn of the century, where beauty lovers thought they were using the next scientific breakthrough in anti-aging and skincare.

“An ever-flowing Fountain of Youth and Beauty has at last been found in the Energy Rays of Radium!” announced a 1918 advertisement for Radior cosmetics. “When scientists discovered Radium they hardly dreamed they had unearthed a revolutionary ‘Beauty Secret.’ They know it now. Radium Rays vitalize and energize all living tissue.”’

The solution

It seemed appropriate, therefore, that Studio 3 Collagen Wave followed this path to grow a recognisable and strong brand that fits well with the high-end luxury of this sought after, natural, non-chemical and youth-enhancing treatment.

The designs pull through Art Deco shapes and designs and use dusky, fleshy pink tones and green, all Art Deco colours which form a really strong natural colour combination that fits beautifully with the skin tones within the Collagen Wave imagery.

The result of this innovative and contemporary service, alongside the design elements: colours and patterns that are very much of our moment, is completely on-trend, beautiful and classy.

Here is how this project was run 

This was a WordPress website set-up, hosting, and theme customisation project and the client was more than happy to let me direct the outcome and be fully in charge. I supplied work for approval and amends at various intervals and so it was really smooth running. 

I developed the messaging which had to be signed off by the trademark holder for Collagen Wave. We had to make sure that the claims for the product features we made on the website were accurate and that their supplied imagery was used in the correct way to protect their brand, maintain the clinical treatment feel, whilst feeding in to the Studio 3 Collagen Spa visual language, which is professional, welcoming and current, much like my clients!

I proposed the visual style, brand colours and re-created and adapted the logo (from a jpeg, as the clients hadn’t been given an eps or illustrator file) so that it worked for the website and social media. I generated 4 colourways of the logo in Adobe Illustrator, plus a square version and I sourced imagery and graphics to fit with the deep, rich greens. 

I advised on theme options that would work for the client and provided the SEO web copy for sign-off in advance of the site set-up. This made the website set up all about styling and building the pages which led to a fluid process. 

There is technical support, business email set-up and hosting from my web developer and so the options for future customisation, development and adaptation are unlimited. Should the client wish to add online bookings, there is a facility ready to be switched on when the time arrives.

Ongoing support for this project includes updating the website and supplying on-brand graphics when there is brand-led content to be published.