Climate & Sustainability

Climate and Sustainability are a non-profit organisation who are working across the world to help influence global leaders and give education directly into communities through a global-local connection.

The organisation needed a professional, credible and creative logo to help shape their identity across multiple audiences, from teenage activists to politicians.

CLIENTClimate & Sustainability
CATEGORYBranding, Logo

Climate change is one of the most challenging issues ever faced by humanity. If we don’t act quickly to deeply transform our societies, future generations will be affected by irreversible impacts.

Climate & Sustainability

Concept and response to the brief

Climate and Sustainability’s logo represents a united team; people focused on one planet. The organisation connects through a global-local network. By investing in nature, in both human and planetary health, greening the earth, and creating biodiversity, we see a future that is bright, hopeful, positive, and resilient.

Fibonacci concept 

Science is starting to see further into how energies interrelate on a less visible level. Nature, mathematics, and science are all represented in the Fibonacci formula that runs through so many elements of nature and which appears visually in a spiral format. Examples can be seen from galaxies to waves, to elephant trunks, snail shells, nautilus, ferns, and the shape of the human ear.

Humans should listen to nature and see how we are all interconnected in this mystical-seeming presentation of a scientific formula.

Artful visual imagery to complement the Fibonacci concept could incorporate land art: humans creating things of beauty to complement the environment.

The final logo is reminiscent of climate lines around the globe. Turquoise maintains some consistency from the original logo and is reminiscent of natural environments; the northern lights and glaciers, aqua seas in tropical climates. A soft green complements the turquoise but is a strong nod towards a ‘green’ organisation. Uplifting yellow relates to food systems and positivity, dry deserts and hotter climates. There is a positive feeling of sunrise and lightness from the use of the yellow on the outer circle 

The resulting visual style is clean and contemporary, relevant and beautiful.

Here is how this project was run:

Creative projects can be run in many different ways, and I have a bespoke approach to running projects to suit the client’s needs. Where there are big missions and multiple stakeholders, it’s important to explore a range of ideas thoroughly and ensure that the entire group is engaged in the process.

After outlining the brief, approach to the project, budget, process and terms, we followed a 3-stage process.

At stage 1 I created 5 exploratory creative concepts that aligned with the organisation’s mission and vision for planetary recovery, but which connected the global-local aspect of the organisation’s work. This highly collaborative group of stakeholders gave input into the route to refine and at stage 2 I developed the visual style through 3 further creative executions of the chosen Fibonacci Spiral Concept. Through further collaborative input, one final style was then refined to create final options.

Delivery included all variations of the final file for use across print and web, a brand document to outline usage, colours and examples, and transfer of imagery licence to get this new identity up and running.

All of the meetings from briefing to the presentation of concepts and feedback were conducted via Zoom as the team is in multiple countries and time zones.