Ayesha Mustafa

SEO Optimised Website Copy

Project Details

Ayesha is an ethical fashion entrepreneur, speaker, consultant and CEO of Fashion Compassion. Her business works with communities where there are local artisan skills passed down through generations.

The women in the communities are empowered to run businesses and their crafts articulated into exclusive designer brands to be sold in more affluent markets. This means that their precious skills are kept alive and that they are able to be the driving force within their communities, supporting families and protecting the women from being maligned and exploited. This is very much an anti-fast fashion business and Ayesha is often invited to comment in news interviews and to lecture fashion students.

Here is how this project was run

The website was to be seen as an outlet for Ayesha’s profile so that journalists and other interested parties could find out more about Ayesha separately to Fashion Compassion and not as a business-generating site.

Key information was gathered relating to the content that the client wanted on her website. We outlined the key sections and information and from that collated key points to be included.

The brand tone of voice was developed for Ayesha and content developed with keyword research to underpin it, SEO factors included such as meta descriptions and headline copy were included, along with amends. The copy was supplied for Ayesha’s web developer to implement.